It’s Sunday night in Ft. Myers, Margaritaville. The heater is on and I’ve closed the doors to the porches. I can’t complain because it’s still 45 degrees warmer than The Region.

Stay warm, y’all! I’ll be back in the mess soon enough.

Today is an anniversary of sorts, and for it, I going to work on the dream instead of the dream job. But I shouldn’t even be making excuses for it.

I go for the dream job so I can work on the dream.

And that dream – finishing the books of blues.

Max Power tells me that chapter 2 is bad. I warned him it was horrible and the worst thing ever. A chapter so bad it has had more rewrites than many other chapters combined. So, tonight I fix chapter 2. After 3 years of dealing with the worst chapter ever, I spent the last 4 days figuring out how I want to do it. And I think I finally have a plan for it that I like.

We’ll see what Max says.

Fingers crossed.

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