Prophet’s rebuilding a 3-wheeler. Marie is shaving down the carpet around the compartment doors on her brother’s bass boat. Since my handy man skill set consist of “being smart at lifting heavy things,” I’m on the sidelines out in the backyard at Prophet’s house chronicling the final steps of the great fishing boat restoration of 2009.

And I’ll take this job with glee.

The soothing Lake Michigan breeze is living up to the dreams & longings we had for it during last winter’s deep freeze. And I’ve got a great vantage point of the intersection where classic muscle cars keep driving through on their way to the first great Duneland cruise of 2009.

I’m hoping 2009 is the first great summer I’ve had in awhile.

Last year I watched the outdoor season – sunup to sundown – from an office window. The summer before that was devoted to finishing up Book of Blues. This summer, I think I’ll get to see some time outdoors, much to the cheers of my co-workers who want me to remember that life exists outside my 3 work computer screens. And because Book of Blues editing seems to becoming a 2-pronged approach, I think I’ll be able to enjoy some time out in Duneland.

Time to go move scaffolding for Big Country, the neighbor down the back alley who’s grilling our dinner.

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