I blinked when I left Ft. Myers, Margaritaville in January and now it’s May. The time between posts wasn’t an accident. I swear I went down to Indy n tore up Broadripple with Bling last month but that was back in February. And I also keep thinking I went to Seattle a couple weekends ago to celebrate Oldold Man Finn’s birthday, but that was in March.

I got pretty sick in February after doing the first part of a project – the events were probably related – n spent six weeks recovering. The illness left me feeling shackled up till when sis n I went to my aunts place in Seattle for OldOld Man’s birthday – the events could be related.

The light is finally coming at the end of the project tunnel. SEO projects can be exhausting when you have to restart from the ground up n…rants for another day. Once upon a time I got the job as “plan B” to Book of Blues. Still, I’m blessed to have a “plan B” 4 miles from home.My copyediting cousin has gone from saying he’d be done with Book of Blues just after the Super Bowl to not returning phone calls. Don’t know the answer. Hope he’s alright. Maybe he’s pissed about my impatience. Either I could keep hunting him down or go on to those I can get ahold of.

Time for plan C: listen to the copyeditors at work n let them go to town on the draft. It’s a lucky plan C to have in the back pocket. For in the end, the goal is to finish the Book of Blues. The work projects n editing delay gave me time to think about the idea of writing to the audience. So, I think I’ll do one more run-through the draft as I print it out for Max Power. It also made me reconsider the book titles because now I think of all 3 books at once, whereas before I used to just think of the original book.

But, before I get to do the Book of Blues fun, I actually have to get to the end of the project tunnel.

Unless this is all a dream and I’m still in Ft. Myers, Margaritaville.

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