I was doing my fact-checking to see if Amos Lee’s Mission Bell used the same El Camino as the El Camino featured in Emilio Estevez’s The Way when I stumbled upon a treasure:  Amos Lee released a new EP, “As the Crow Flies.” Where the Hell did it come from? Who cares? It was more Amos Lee and I’ve spent the last two days listening to nothing else.

What is Amos Lee’s As the Crow Flies.

As the Crow Flies as a 6 song EP which seems to be six songs that didn’t make Mission Bell but were worth releasing a year later. The reason they didn’t make the cut? Dunno. Upon listening to the set over and over again my only thought was that a couple of the songs had themes similar to the ones already on the cut. I justify that thought further by saying that when I placed the EP on the end of the album in a playlist it makes a mini-story with a similar ebb & flow.

Tracks on As the Crow Flies

  • The Darkness
  • Simple Things
  • Say Goodbye
  • May I Remind You
  • Mama Sail to Me
  • There I Go Again

Favorite Track on As the Crow Flies.

Simple Things – It’s been a mantra over the last few months. Amos does a nice, fluid Route 66-blues approach to the mantra so it’s been nice to hear over and over again. Because lately I’ve realized it really has been the simple things that keep me holdin’ on.

Amos Lee in Denver. 2011-12-09. “Simple Things.” Live.

Not-Favorite Track on As the Crow Flies.

The Darkness – It’s probably because I’m still fresh from being on that side of the darkness and just don’t like to think about it. It’s also the song that least sounds like it fits the Mission Bell / As the Crow Flies story. The reason? Most of the songs are about recovering from The Darkness. Luckily, Simple Things rols right after it.

Would I List to As the Crow Flies Again?

Um…yeah. That’s a no-brainer. I want to cancel meetings tomorrow and spend the day writing and listening to As the Crow Flies along with Mission Bell. I’m not one for pop music but the Route 66 soul of Mission Bell flows right into these sessions. Same sessions musicians, same sound. Same spirit.

Where to Listen to As the Crow Flies.

You can buy it on Amazon or Listen to it for free on Spotify.

Amos Lee’s “As the Crow Flies” EP on Spotify.

I’m using Spotify. Or just check out the Amos Lee YouTube Channel. It’s great stuff:

Are the Simple Things Keeping You Going on?

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