Jimmy’s is a classy throwback restaurant just off the shores of Lake Michigan in New Buffalo, Michigan. Signage with water treatments, dark wood floors and wall coverings and a refusal to stock Red Bull in order to maintain a semblance of class within the clientele, the high-end establishment is a fixture for Chicagoans who escape to the Duneland wonderland on the weekends.

It also happens to be the second home to my financial adviser, Jelly. It’s as if he can channel the spirit of Frank Sinatra between his Scotch drinks.

Jelly’s like my black-sheep younger brother I can’t quite get right but I can’t help but care about. He knows the staff at Jimmy’s and most every other establishment by name and will hang out with them once the establishment closes for the night. The ladies are adorable and the men are his brothers. One in particular – Dan Beaver – was the reason we were meeting today.

Who is Dan Beaver?

To my surprise, the svelt, fashonable bartender soul is an accomplished blues men who swims in music. After first watching his father play the harmonica as a child, Dan’s wanted to do nothing else and he chases the dream night and day. He’s traveled the world, met and played with most all the greats and has even made the cover of books based on Chicago blues. He’s chasing the dream, day by beautifully sorrowful day.

Searching for 'The Goods' at Jimmy's in New Buffalo.
Searching for ‘The Goods’ at Jimmy’s in New Buffalo.

Dan and his Dam Blues Band yes, without the N – beaver joke has a new album out of covers and originals titled, “The Goods.” This is why I was out there: Jelly wanted me to help Dan get his album online so he could send it to a local entertainment magazine who wanted to review it. (BTW – once he puts it on grooveshark, I’ll update the link).

In between gracious regular customers, Dan was telling me about his plight to get the album reviewed and the ubnoxious charges some sites were charging to review it and he was getting little understanding of the impact. Why? His site didn’t have Google Analytics – yet, and he didn’t know how much traffic the websites willing to review the site were getting. So I said I’d help. The first thing I did: listened to the album samples on iTunes.

Besides, after all the good music me, him, the staff and the customers looked up on Spotify that evening, I’ll have stuff to listen to for a couple weeks! Especially from the former DJ who worked with the Billy Graham of Cleveland. I hope we run into him again!

Review – The Goods by Dan Beaver and His Damn Blues Band.

The Goods is definitely a throwback to the days of your. Dan shows his appreciation for trues and his network of friends – receiving collaborations from Eric Foster, Billy King and Mimi De St. Jean. He pulls covers all over the place from the legends to even more popsier blues guys like BIlly Preston & Van Morrison.

Tracks / Songs on Dan Beaver Blues The Goods.


Burning Hell (feat. Billy King)

Dan Beaver



Delta Blues (feat. Eric Foster)

Dan Beaver



Will It Go Round In Circles (feat. Mimi De St. Jean)

Dan Beaver



My Babe (feat. Eric Foster)

Dan Beaver



Shake Your Hips (feat. Mimi De St. Jean)

Dan Beaver



A Tribute to Linus and Lucy (feat. Waz Fox)

Dan Beaver



Judgement Day (feat. Eric Foster)

Dan Beaver



Saturday Nite (feat. Billy King)

Dan Beaver



Domino (feat. Eric Foster)

Dan Beaver




Dan Beaver


Favorite Track on The Goods.

Domino – a great acoustic take on the Van Morrison track w/ that blues accompaniment that screams Chicago. If Van ever hears it, he’d be proud.

Least Favorite Track on The Goods.

Shake Your Hips – nothing wrong with the way he played it so much as I’m used to it being done in an uptempo way as done by Robert Randolph and the Family Band or ZZ Top.

Final Critique of The Goods.

The only other thing I could say about The Goods is that Dan has a tendency to be such a fan that he forgets that he’s earned his keep. I’m hoping to hear stuff where he tells his story a little more, place his mark. I want to see him prove that he belongs, writing songs that allow him to be judged by the men on the scene.

I should probably shut the Hell up at this point or he’ll kick me out of Jimmy’s next time (not really) or simply tell me to make my own blues album, finally. Either way, I’m glad Jelly introduced me to Dan and his music. It’s why I started this damned site.

Also, I hope he starts taking pictures when he’s with Keb Mo, Taj Mahal & Hubet Sumlin. I’m jonesin’ to see them. Put that sh** on the site, yo!

Where to Find The Goods.

You can find the Goods on many a music site. For example, iTunes & Amazon. You can also stop by Jimmy’s in New Buffalo, hang along the beach with the Chicagoans and get a listen to his album. While you’re at it, check out his blues music website – danbeaverblues.com

Does Dan Beaver Have The Goods?

Let me know what you think!

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