I’m test blogging on Bella’s iPad 3 late at night while my mother drives me & her back in my car from the north Chi ‘burbs. We just finished our second Thanksgiving dinner, this time with Bella and her family. Every day with her is such a blessing.

I’m introducing mama to Ellie Goulding.

Ellie is the one whose song “Hanging On,” is in the new Victoria’s Secret TV commercials. It’s from her new album Halcyon. The album’s song “Anything Can Happen,” made it on an NFL Fox Sunday AM show – I think it was the skit with Obama & Romney.

We’re about halfway through her first US-released album, “Lights.” Mama was a little more than surprised when she heard the title track, “Lights,” a song that was featured in a Dr. Dre Beats Headphone commercial as well as an iPhone commercial. While we’re listing commercials with Ellie Goulding songs, Ellie teamed up with Nike to show her love of running while remixing her song, “Under the Sheets.” I had to tell mama that Ellie is more of a pure voice and that she also sounds great in acoustic sets. I also told mama that Ellie was the first non-work conversation Bella & I ever had. I haven’t gotten to the part where Bella’s friend discovered Ellie’s music live in a little club while working a summer in the UK and that the artist has surely paid her dues. I also haven’t had a chance to tell her about how Bella’s argument to give Ellie’s cover of Elton John’s, “Your Song,” a second and third listen on a flight to Fort Myers not only changed my opinion of Ellie but became the spark that has lead to a whirlwind called Bella these last 7 months. (Update: I told mama. She was charmed.)

A second thing truncated my conversation.

While listening to, “Lights ” I became entranced within a line.

And I think back to when my brother and my sister slept in an unlocked place / The only time I feel safe…

And I realize that somewhere in the last four months I started to, once again, feel safe. Secure. A touch of myself from way back in the agency days & even before then; the legendary days at the boat. Between Bella & and the launch of BakedFinn I found my grove. I don’t anxiety shake like when I did after the fall of Project 01. The Lights are even shining when I’m alone.

Thank you, ladies.

We’re back to The Vale. The space bar on this iPad 3 is gonna take some getting used to. SWFL driving with the OldOld Man in 6 hours. We’re taking highway 41 to Nashville so I’ll have time to get this iPad UX sorted out.

And he says he isn’t sentimental.

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