In the last three days I’ve been louder on Google Plus communities & LinkedIn than I’ve been in…well…ever. I’ve been more active on social media and I’ve been less that kind. Well, less than kinder than normal. More to the point – I’m not letting as much go.

And it’s because I really don’t have to be quiet anymore.

The testing for BakedFinn is about done. We’ve got a few directions we found we like and we’re heading towards them. And after a few more pages of copywriting and the updating of a couple sites – this one included – I’ll get to do what I’ve been wanting to do for two years since we started stuff into what was Project 01:  create.

We built a platform and an agency all so I can start writing. And now, even front-end code some. Who saw that coming? And come Spring – perhaps a bit of backend coding.

What I have left to do for this site:

  • finish setting the side columns as responsive
  • update the header
  • add 3-part imagery above the fold on the home page
  • create a couple categories I want to highlight
  • consolidate many, many of my more superfluous categories
  • consolidate a few pages and turn them into sections

And enjoy writing about New Media and old music

Not much further now.

And after what we saw today…

No better time than the present to get back in the game.


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