It’s Saturday night. Max Power and I spent some time getting good work done. Sadly, it wasn’t on Book of Blues, but so it goes.

At the end, we started watching some baseball and saw Minnesota Twins highlights. Not that I care that much about the Twins so much as…

Max Power & I love baseball

wrigley field's marquee, half burned-out. How metta for the time

The Twins got a new stadium. I’ve got a cousin in Minneapolis I haven’t seen in awhile. My cousin has a spare bed and a spare futon. Max is running out of time before fatherhood finds him.

A quick few emails to my cousin and Max and I are prepping to head to Minneapolis for a nice weekend of gonzo excitement and baseball in a new church.

But then it dawned on me:  I hadn’t fully planned my trip to Mecca. Part-Cassidy is making pans for me to go to the Mecca to meet her fiance for the first time, but it’s not my trip to Mecca.

I want a trip to Mecca and I want it now!

Power, sitting to my left and plugging away on his laptop, wasn’t feeling as inspired to go. It seems as though he’d like to play for his own baseball team tomorrow. Silly. Especially since his team doesn’t play in Wrigley Field tomorrow.

I told him, “We’d see about that.”

How to Convince Your Friend to Go to a Cubs Game at the Last Minute Even If His Wife Is Pregnant

  • make sure you have connections
  • show your friend a seating map of Wrigley Field and where y’all would be sitting
  • make sure the seats are great
  • map out the travel in advance
  • use the train if possible

Then remind your friend that the time is running out before fatherhood is thundering down upon him, relentless, unforgiving. Time marches on and that his responsibilities will forever be multiplied by a factor of domestication that will forever rob him of these golden opportunities.

Max’s ears were open.

So, of course, it failed miserably. But the framework for success is set for future attempts.

Are you going to Wrigley Field in 2010?

Let me know. I’ll be a little jealous, but it’ll inspire me to go.

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