Lately, life has been filled with enough positive stress for a change that I found myself finally being comfortable with life.

Being comfortable with life frightens me too much. I’m afraid I’ll forget there’s real evils which is spawning real pain and uncertainties and fears.

Afraid of forgetting the Blues…

I got word from Steven Dalton that Kyle Lacy will be up in The Region and will be attending our NWITweetup at Blue Chip Casino on the 13th. Lacy’s the owner of Brandswag and wrote Twitter Marketing for Dummies back in fall ’09. I found him on Facebook and we started chatting.

While asking him more about the Tweetup he said he’d need a room in South Bend. Him livin’ in Indy (Fishers) I let him know that it’d still be a trek to South Bend. He said he needed it for Friday night. I asked why. That’s when he told me about the cause he was traveling around the state supporting…

Kyle Lacy had teamed up with founder Daniel Herndon and the Indianapolis chapter of the Susan G Komen foundation to tour around the state of Indiana – in their words – “Hatin’ on Breast Cancer.”

Using tools such as Twitter, Facebook, UStream, Flickr and their website, Kyle, Daniel, and camera man Daniel Robertson spent 14 nights in 14 different cities raising awareness at venues, chronicling their adventure, and doing it all on donations alone. The equipment, venues, transportation, clothes, chewing gum, bottled water, sundries, wi-fi…all of it has been donated by someone. While I was chatting with him, Lacy was in front of the camera at the Tippecanoe Mall in Lafayette, IN. He said they were still short a room for Friday night in South Bend – along with food.

And this is the point where I point out that myself, Dave Woodson, and Golden Technologies of Valparaiso stepped up. GT and I split the room expenses for the boys at the Holiday Inn Express near Notre Dame (BTW, Holiday Inn Express – at least get your staff an email account). Daver and I split the bar tab (the boys deserved to be rewared), and Michelle Hillaert teamed up with the LaSalle Grill of South Bend to insure the boys got a good meal.

How to Donate to Forkout – Susan G. Komen Indy Breast Cancer cause

There our PayPal donation links available on the site. Also, the Susan G. Koman Indianapolis site has a few different ways on their site by which one can donate.

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