I’m told successful people make lists. I hate lists. That should tell me something.

Well, I have lists. They’re just all over the place. Then I need a master list to keep track of all the little lists I have spread out all over the place and then a list to remind myself to look at the master list.

Are you keeping a list of all this?

But, I did my lists for the week and I have one simple goal:  get them all crossed off by 9pm Saturday.

And not worry about anything that isn’t on my list.

Cross this one off my list first.

And when I’m done, I’m going to have had the best f*****’ week ever.

Hold Me Accountable Things I Did Right

Brunch:  1 bowl mama’s chili & one BLT sandwich. (Well, bacon is good so bite me).

Dinner:  meatloaf

Iced tea:  2

Snacks: Wheat Thins.

Toothpicks:  3

Water:  3 glasses

Walking:  120 minutes

Hold Me Accountable Things I Did Not As Right

Cardio:  0

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