City & Colour is an acoustic folk / rock act from St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada. Nope, I’m not cool enough to know where that is.

Though usually considered a band everywhere I read, City and Colour is the alias Dallas Green came up with for this solo project he focuses on when he’s not lead singing for AlexisOnFire. In my world, Dallas Green was the GM for the Phillies when they won the World Series in 1980 and was the GM when the Cubs won the National East Division Pennant in 1984. He also lost his granddaughter in the 2011 Tuscon shootings that nearly claimed the life of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords – so his name was fresh in my head when I was told about City and Colour’s Green.

But in terms of City & Colour’s, Green named it after himself: City being Dallas & Green being Colour. And as far as I know, he doesn’t have much baseball in his background. To our understanding there aren’t any other solid members of the band. Just many collaborators and session musicians that get to go on the road.

So the story goes, after City and Colour’s first independent releases had nice social media success, the projects got put together into their first album. Recorded in 2005, Sometimes went on to critical and financial success, winning the 2007 Juno music awards for Alternative Album of the Year. they still use the term ‘Alternative Music’ in Canada? The album was released in the US in 2009.

As for the rest of the albums, I’ll let you know once I’ve reviewed them.

2016 Update.

I probably won’t go ahead and review the rest. I heard them. A few times, a few years ago, back when I thought I was with a girl who was worth the rays of sunshine she initially emanated. She’s gone, though not far enough away if she’s still on my side of the Ohio River. With her departure went my desire to listen to a band I was only listening to in order to have something in common with her. That was probably a bad sign right there.

If you love them and think I should give them more of an objective chance, let me know. Otherwise, until Merle Haggard comes by and bitchslaps the emo out of Dallas Green, I’m going to venture elsewhere.

photo credit: FreeRishid via Flickr

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