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Corporate Whoredom posted by Finn Is Stuck in 2003 and Left Me Feeling Trapped


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Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad I have to opportunity to expand my career horizons. I’m glad we have a government that will support us during these changes. I’m especially glad I don’t have to wait in line to sign up.

But all the same, Indiana state’s career employment site – IndianaCareerConnect dot com – (no link love) has a CMS that seems stolen from Monster’s initial design. Choppy, load issues, a resume extractor that’s ripping apart at the seams… and endless bombardment questions instead of a simple tagging system.

I’m not that much of a wuss but I felt imprisoned by the 2 hours I was forced to sit on the site. At one point I almost cried – claustrophobia took over. I was on step 11 for 35 minutes as the site thought my employers were, ” ,” “Internet Marketing Coordinator,” “.inc” and the like.

Serious, My Man Mitch, you’ve got some great tech-savvy people in the state capital. I know quite a few of them. They can give you a much better site that will provide a much better user experience for employers and prospects. (God, I hope one of them didn’t do it). Seriously, if you care at all about the site and really take pride in having your pic along side it, then give them a call.

And if none of them are available, I know of a few that can redo the site and then have a snack.

Lemmie know

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