I had the best day in a long, long time when it came to the case studies for Project 03. Case study #1 phase one should be running this time tomorrow and case study #2 is underway. A beautiful three hour session with a couple inspired, motivated ladies who are looking to do good things for children in our area, the time flew by as I showed them tips and tricks to get their vision off the ground. The session moved so fast they’re about ready to run with it on Friday.

It was my best 9-5 day in a long, long time.

While at the testing grounds I ran into my good friend, Mullins. He’s a well-grounded man, pharmacist, active in preserving county history. We both love guitars I can’t wait for him to finish preserving his 1845 Martin, history, religion, craftsmanship & good spirits. We didn’t get much time to talk because of Case Study #2 but we agreed to meet out at his homestead this evening.

Always a good time going out to his land. Good conversation, great depths. Learn a lot, try to give back what I can. It’s worth it just to hear the sounds of nature pick up when the sun goes down. For example we were listening to the cracking around us and I thought someone was breaking sticks for a bonfire and he goes,

That’s probably the weight of the leaves cracking the limbs. It happens at night.

Listen. Life is happening all around us.

It was the most incredible sound.

Among the stories we shared was one I read recently in A New Earth about how the Master taught the student to Enter Zen from There and how I just had had that moment while listening to the nature around his homestead. We both raised our eyebrows in toast to the idea’s potential.

As we shared our latest stories I confessed my questions and fears for the case studies for Project 03. I’ve had the ground pulled out from underneath me before and I was concerned about doing it again. Irrational fears, but I am my father’s son. We started throwing Zenisms around at each other and I threw my Hunter S. Thompson for the day at him,

“I’m afraid to buy the ticket and take the ride.”

He said,

“You already bought the ticket. So take the ride.”

How very Thus Spoke Zarathustra. And he said I was preparing to watch the next 30 years slide by on one quick, exciting adventure.

I told him that I was still pushing out onto the sides of the slide, still being too afraid to let go. He said that so long as I popped my head up once in awhile and notice the change it will be worth it.

“And when you go to ask those questions, you’ll realize all the answers will have changed.”

What a beautiful thought. Once again I realized that, good or bad, this too shall pass.

And we finished our drinks.

When I get back from SWFL, we’re planning on having a pretty good cookout. Good friends. Good eats. Good music.

Almost looking forward to coming back. Almost.

Have you bought the ticket?

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