Talk of Aaron’s Sorkin’s Sports Night at work lead to a talk to about how Season 1, Episode 19, Eli’s Coming, featured not one but two Three Dog Night songs. Yes, very good. The other being Never Been to Spain.

“Never Been to Spain” by Three Dog Night.

Never have quited figured out the point of Never Been to Spain, but I think that’s the point. So the song blues’, “What Does it Matter?”

This is the lesson I’m learning this week.

When I was 19 I knew where life was going. When I was 22, life was gone. Now that I’m a few (hundred) days older, I’m starting to put it back together. This time, I’m going through life without preconceptions. This way, I experience the adventures and quit comparing to the life I thought I was going to lead.

“What does it matter?”

Case in point:  I’ve got an ungodly amount of buddies who are college professors. Most of them figured I”d be the professor, but sadly the time in the denominational fishbowl made me claustrophobic. Still, Life found a chorus to repeat.

One of those buddies just approached me with the idea of doing a college textbook that incorporates both my bachelor degrees as well as all of my field experience.

At first I felt the fishbowl closing around me. I was a little apprehensive, but it passed. The fact the buddy already has the U’s support helped. I suppose we can all be Corporate Whores, even when faced with old war wounds. But can I face the Denominational University demons and embrace such a challenge?

We’ll, I’m already running the sketch through my head to the tune of Never Been to Spain, reminding myself…

What does it Matter?

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