The biggest downside of trying to become conscious of being conscious is that it seems as though the emotional and situational triggers hit harder when you’re just reacting through your day.

After I got through the end of the yesterday, I sat back and reflected while reading Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. I was so inspired by Jobs’ rebellious demeanor that I found myself sitting cross legged on the floor in a yoga-inspired position with my back flush with the wall, taking deep breaths and reconsidering the feng shui of my room and how I could make it more minimalistic. Yeah, Jobs put that much through, consideration, research and testing into his designs. The inspiration freed me to realize my similar desires and beliefs should be encouraged more when working on projects instead of repressed. I’m not saying being manipulative but passionate…

But as I read them I realized how much the ideology was triggering my thoughts.

What are Triggers?

Triggers are concepts used in several locations. For Eckart Tolle’s A New Earth, Triggers were stimulus that facilitated reactions. He usually tied it to those suffering (or had Painbodies in them).

I didn’t even think about how they could facilitate positive reactions….being inspired and the like. I’m going to spend the next few days considering everything that triggers a response or an emotion from me. I might try to avoid them like the plague. I might try to focus on the good stimuli. Hopefully it’ll help me be able to stay focused, positive and make it easier to be persistent on Project 03. And them Books of Blues. I wonder how I’d make this be a lesson.

photo credit: sophiewilder via flickr

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