One hour layover in St. Louis, MO. A Cubs fan’s worst nightmare, aside from them losing here.

At least this time I’ll be leaving the airport in an airplane.

Last time I was at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport,  I was rented car and drove back to Chicago.

See, I was at a Cubs-Cardinals game 2.5 years ago and my buddy became so drunk & beligerent that I left him & decided to come back by myself.

He pleaded, “I drove. How are you gonna get home?”

I told him, “I’ve got Bachelor Degrees in Religion & Business: God’s gonna light the way n the devil’s gonna provide the means.”

Highlights including finding out the hard way that I only had a $200 ATM withdrawl max with my bank n having oldoldman Finn ask me when I got back,

“They’re reporting roughhousing & unsportsmenlike crowd behavior. Was that you?”

“That was him. That’s why I left him.”

The final straw came when he disprected the street saxophone player outside the left field gate by free kicking the tip box down the street. If you ever need to know, the going rate on tipping a street musician so he doesn’t kill your drunk friend is about $20.00. That was 2006 prices so adjust for inflation.

I need to hang out with that guy agan soon.

Now boarding flight 1984 for Ft. Myers, Margaritaville.

There's that plane for SWFL. Hustle, Southwest.
There’s that plane for SWFL. Hustle, Southwest.

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