“Truth is Singular.” The phrase has been popping up all over the place. For me, it started when I saw the Doctor Who [2005 Reboot] Season 7 Christmas Episode ,”The Snowmen.” Clara is looking for The Doctor and runs into his protective friends who give her a test where she has to answer every question with 1 word. The reason, as Madame Vastra put it:

Truth is singular. Lies are words, words and words.”

Clara, being brilliant, was soon able to see The Doctor by turning the tables on the conversation by calling out Madame Vastra’s articulated argument:


From there, the Truth is Singular concept caught my attention.

I started researching the origin of the phrases and found it was used in a book in 2008 called, Night of the Gun, by David Carr.

Truth is singular and lies are plural, but history – the facts of what happened is both immutable and mostly unknowable.

Night of the Gun is a tale of self discovery. From what I’ve read, Carr uses his Journalism skills to call out his own drug addiction and his eventual road to discovery. While interesting, it seemed a bit too American for [current Doctor Who & Sherlock show runner] Steven Moffat’s taste so I kept searching. What I found next was none other than David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas.

“Truth is singular. Its “versions” are mistruths” – Sonmi~451

I guess I have a movie to go see (and yet another book to read).

The thoughts of researching were only inspired by Twist Image’s Mitch Joel’s “3 Words for 2013.” He went classic blogger and gave about 600 words of explanation before getting to them. Spoiler: “Starvation. Beyond. Student.” As to why he picked them, check out their blog. As for why he wrote them, it started with Chris Brogan’s 3 words for a year. Spoiler: “Walt. Ender. Monchu.” As to why, once again, read his blog.

Steven Moffat’s 3-word teases for Sherlock.

Fans of BBC’s Sherlock know that by now, Moffat teases the start of a season by tweeting three words to describe each incredible 90-minute mini-movie. For season 3 he went with, “ Rat. Wedding. Bow.” Sadly, he deleted his Twitter account 3 weeks after I started following him. I’ll take the blame. So long as Cumberbatch & Freeman don’t get too much success from The Hobbit & Star Trek: Into Darkness & stop making Sherlock.

As for Truth being singular.

Time to pull out your ancient philosophy books. Plato first talked about it. It would have been fun to attend the academy and discus ideals versus reality.

Is there something to these 3 words?

Well, it would be like a blogger to use 3 words when 1 should do. But Christians do it – trinitarian speaking. Our the US government does it right over a cliff. ABC’s School House Rocks adhered to it too – Blind Melon’s cover was best:

So I’ll try my 3 words for 2013.

Look at me, saving them for the end. Here there are in no specific order:

  • Fill
  • Empty
  • Recharge


I get worn down with the sensory overload on Social Media with people giving variations to the same resolutions they made the year before only to forget about them and then in the fall start bitching about forgetting them only to vow again. Every day should be a day to wake up, think through the day instead of solely reacting, and make changes on the fly with goals always ahead. For me, I’ve had to make it a lifestyle. And I keep in step with those who help me support my goals. For them, I do the same.

I’m old enough to know that every day I need to be inspired. I’m a soldier, but not to myself. I never find myself as important as I do those around me. To make up for it, I’ve spent the last year paying attention to all the sensory inputs I receive in a day. Now, my RSS feeder has all the stuff I love at the top and all the stuff I need to see to keep up with New Media & Digital Marketing towards the bottom. The TV is seldom on. We’re thinking of shutting off our cable. Spotify, NPR music, Archive.org and Grooveshark are always at my fingertips. Books surround me. As do the people I love.

I’ll never be able to live for me.

So every day I have to fill my cup, empty my cup, and at the end of the day I have to focus on recharging my soul so I can do it all again.

Where one word can do.

For me, that one word is, Prayer
As Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros sings,

I’m looking to become not the pray-er but the prayer.

Happy 2013. Here’s to focusing on the days, one at a time.

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