Jimmy Buffet’s slide guitar intro to “Tin Cup Chalice” looped in my head as I slid out of the backseat of my grandfather’s classic Grand Marquis and beelined for the shore, hastily taking snapsots of The Mucky Duck Inn as I raced towards its iconic western shore.

PS: I forgot to ask the revolvoing door of owners for permission to publish it. So long as they know I wasn’t trying to make T-Shirts or anything with it.

I felt giddy as placed the plastic glass of iced tea with a lemon slice up to my cheek in order to shield the glare as I took about 125 pictures of the shoreline & crashing waves.

Well, crazy for the gulf shore. It was the effect of the cold front crippling the States.

As back home was dealing with -35 wind chill, This is as bad as it got for Ft. Myers / Sanibel and Captiva Island…

18-inch shelf on the shore caused by the waves made from the cold front

I suffered through the treacherous 18-inch drop down to the water. I endured when a crashing wave kissed the bottom of my cargo shorts.

I prayed for the green flash.

An unspoken group of fellow sunworships gathered at the water, staring at the setting sun till it slipped behind the horizon. No flash that night, but we got close:

no green flash, yet

As the sunworshippers applauded another successful sundown, I realized I wasn’t thinking, but enjoying the return to this beach, feeling happier and more accomplished than I ever have in my life.

No bluesin’ about Book of Blues, nor any prequels or sequels. No concerns of work or family relationships.

Thank you, Mucky Duck.

I was able to take a deep breath and relax. My guard went down for the first time in years.

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