To paraphrase Lennon & McCartney:

“Boy, you’re gonna carry that weight, carry that weight a long time,”

But my heart will be able to physically take it a little while longer.

Doctor gave the clean bill of health, threw me an enzyme to take daily and told me to take that load off, [the] Fanny (thank you, Robbie Robertson).

So long as I leave the chips evenly balanced on my shoulders, I’ll have nothing holding me back from pursuing my dreams.

‘Cept for maybe a demon or few – the constant weight.

Some things changed Some things stayed the same.

Just a few more things to check off, skills to learn, and works to edit and life can blend back into normality for awhile while I recharge.

I can write about experiencing the blues, but can’t write while experiencing the blues, as much as I’d love to remember some of the better lines that purse my lips while I pursue peace.

The blues, so much as I know, are solely meant to be experienced. They can only be written about from afar. I think the distance allows the moment and the emotion to jostle for perspective. Like sundown over the horizon…over water, mountains, fields, water, the open road…

“I gots a good memory,” as Muddy Waters would say.

Thank you for the thoughts, prayers & support. And thank you, further, for understading my need to stay off grid.

Y’all will be missing the time I was off grid soon enough.

Got my keys. Time to blow through a few crossroads. Hope to see you there.

– Finn

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