Life sent me to Chicago this past weekend. A lifetime love had me, my sister, and part-Cassidy sharing good times while sitting in pampered club seats at a baseball game Saturday.

It started last Tuesday night when I was playing co-ed softball for the company. Being 40 lbs. overweight & 8 months from the gym away from playing the way I know I can didn’t keep my instincts from becoming heightened when the cooled humid sundown breeze kissed my face as I jogged onto the field. As if awakened from a coma, I remembered why I loved the game.

Spend enough time in an office without fresh outdoor air & the body starts to shut down. As if caved in hibernation, the body waits to get back outside and into the heart of a day.

I take walks at night, but when you spend most of your life being athletic n fiercely competitive, the body runs on minimum systems during even long walks.

But once I was out on the field, hearing the limestone crush under my spikes as that soft breeze whisked by me, my body slowly opened up an eye to look around an see what was going on.

The following Wednesday morning after the softball game, my athletic instincts remained alerted when my sister called, suggesting we go to a game while I’m up in the City. Her suggestion resonated with my instincts & I bought tickets within minutes.

The downside was that the Church of Baseball denomination I am a member of was in Colorado for the weekend, so we went to the other church because they were the one in town. But to make myself feel better I also made reservations for the next time my Baseball Mecca is in town.

And it was great, theraputic times. Once the Red Line stopped at our destination, my sister & I stepped out to see that part-Cassidy was in the car ahead if us. And the rest if the night was as harmonious.

From the newfound synergy between my sister & part-Cassidy to the Tamale Man finding us at Lottie’s as if he heard my sister’s calls, the night flowed together like an old Blues song. That’s what a Summer night in the City of Blues is like.

The only potential downside might be that my sister & part-Cassidy might have gotten spoiled by the club seats: air-conditioning, servers, lounges… And now that they’re FaceBook friends I probably won’t be able get away with that dig (or this one.)

As part-Cassidy just text me, I don’t want this summer to end.

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