To give an update on the Blue Cheese Cheeseburger endeavor: I’m heading back to Southwest Florida for about a month or so. It looks like I’m leaving the 26th of February. The OldOld Man is coming home early this year. With his birthday, family visits and his early departure time, travel plans have been expedited.

And since I don’t want Kevin to have to eat all those cheeseburgers by himself, we’re going to put off the contest starting until April. It sucks because we wanted to do a NCAA Men’s Basketball themed event, but when I get back, Baseball will being in full swing that’s what she said.We’re destined to come up with some baseball themed tailgate cookout ideas.

This also means I’m missing a tweetup or two.

Which has been the traditional thing for me to do at this time of year for the last three seasons. Spring training baseball, state park preserves and sundowns that go on forever – and given this might be the last time we do this for years if the OldOld Man decides he’s selling his place as he believes he will – I have to go to the sea.

If you have cheeseburger places in Duneland or The Region…

Please keep letting us know. We might broaden the contest out for simply, “cheeseburger,” which means sporting venues such as Railcats stadium would be in contention – the vending locations, not Bennigans. So if you know a greasy spoon, truckstop, backyard spot or family secret that you think could make the list. We’d love to know! The best cheeseburger in Northwest Indiana could end up being my mother’s for all I know – not that I’m biased I am.

photo credit: @kellyschwedland via Twitter

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