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2014 Update

It’s been awhile since I’ve seen this page. The last few years I have been tied up in startups and helping to galvanize the tech startup community on the Indiana side of Chicago. I’ll display a few of those links:


We are currently overhauling the content to this site, creating two additional subdomains:

Note: the content for is also planned to be used in collaboration with Professor Brad Best of the University of Missouri School of Journalism to use for school exercise as well as a text book.

Before we finish up the look and start the content, we’re going to take BiziPorts from a protytpe and finish the business plan & the accompanying content map. A lot of the content currently on will migrate over there as well. Right now we write a post every time a customer needs instructions. &

We’ve been helping Kelly Schwedland of Elevate Ventures – a state-funded Venture Capital firm – to bring a lean startup accelerator to Northwest Indiana. As I write this, the first class of startup companies are currently in session.


We started the movement by building a buzz from a meetup group we founded called StartupFront. The group spent a year gathering, as Kelly would put it, “Hipsters, Hackers, and Hustlers,” together to learn and share new ideas. The hope was that from the meetings, relationships and collaborations would form. We even hosted a Startup Weekend as Kelly finalized all the business details, contributors, paperwork, and the like for the accelerator.

Once the details were sorted, those back home who threw much more money into the program than did I decided they wanted a name that was closer to Purdue University’s accelerator program: The Foundry. Thus arose Tech Foundry.


I still like Startup Front as a better name, but sometimes you roll with the punches.

Because of the name change, Startup Front will soon be permanently shut down with its it only has online assets migrated to

So long as Chicago / Northwest Indiana gets some companies out of it that go to IPO, it’s a win for back home.

For all of the above projects

We did most all the design, branding, web development on BiziPorts, and content. Yup, I did most of the writing, except Tech Foundry. We split that up, since Kelly was the EiR and had more experience in the field.


Ghost Writing Samples from BakedFinn

We’ve built some cool stuff at BakedFinn while working on BiziPorts. Most of our stuff is post-production work for other agencies. That includes a lot of the writing, PPC, SEO & Dev work. To get some of those samples, contact us directly. We have a few we can show but can’t display publicly.

Now back to your original programming.

Samples: 2006-2011

Welcome to Nat Finn’s Writing Samples. Though I now live in the [2014 update] San Francisco East Bay area I have written for clients from coast to coast. Those clients have had me write on topics that have spanned the globe. I have thanked them dearly for the opportunities.


SEO Copywriter Writing Samples – Freelance / Social Media

Best Western Premiere ExperiencesBest Western Premier Experiences

This was easily my favorite SEO Copywriting project to date. When I was told that I had to write the descriptions for the 7 Best Western Experiences, I got extremely nervous, letting the fact that I was writing SEO web copy for the biggest hotel chain in the world get to me. Could I keep with their copy tones? Could I write to their standards and yet keep it keyword rich? The anxiety hit me for about 12 seconds. Then I just went after it.

I was surprised I got the descriptions right in just two tries. If I remember right, I got 5 of them right on the first try. The other 2 took little tweaks. Now the meta keywords smell like spam, but I had to write per instruction. Each internet marketing company has their own strategy and at the time of this writing the page was still holding a PR of 6 (not that PR is that important).

best western premiere country descriptionsBest Western Premier Country Descriptions / Hotel Descriptions

In addition to the 7 experiences, I wrote most of the country descriptions as well as the subpages for over half of the hotels. This meant that in addition to the keyword research provided I had to do extra cultural research for each of the “Top 5 things to do in insert-international-getaway-here.” This is when I learned that Google Maps didn’t have much coverage in China. So it goes. Once in awhile, I had to go searching for another “Things to Do.” Because of it, I got to learn a lot more about places in Malaysia where I would like to vacation.

Sadly, I didn’t get to do the main page for the individual hotels. I lobbied to be able to do the main page for each hotel as well, but at the time the client had their own copy. As I go back and visit the site now I’m happy to see that my lobbying paid off because the copy has changed. That was good news for everyone.

Ramada Inn Limited in Downtown Nashville, TNRamada Hotel Project

The first project I got to do for this client was to write many, many hotel descriptions for Ramada Hotels. From Georgia to Pennsylvania, down the Blue Ridge Mountains and out to the Mississippi River, I got reintroduced to the peace and patience of Dixie thanks to this SEO web copwriting project. The rhythms and structure of each piece of this project were repetitive. They had to be in order to keep the copy tones in tune. But once I did a couple in a night, the rest would just fall in line and the writing sessions would flow.

The project was enjoyable. It was one of those SEO Web Copywriting projects that helped keep me structured. I also learned that no matter where you are in Tennessee, or most of Kentucky for that matter, you’re never too far away from the Jack Daniels Distillery. 🙂

I very much enjoyed doing freelance SEO Web Copywriting for that client. I hope they get overflow work again and come calling. I’ll answer quickly.

chicago copywriter press releaseAn Old Press Release

I don’t get to write as many press releases as I would like. Nowadays I have to rewrite them into fresh content on a corporate blog. As for the example, this isn’t even one of the better press releases I’ve written but I pick it because I had be working for this company for at least 2 hours when they put this on my desk. If I had to guess why it turned out as well as it did I would have to say that the reason probably had something to do with the fact that my fear of messing up on my first day overshadowed my lack of experience with the industry.

I still find the parts of the copy utilized on different cart and shopping sites. That’s a good sign. The down side was that I didn’t work enough with the company to garner giving them a dofollow backlink, but I will give a backlink to the supervisor I had when I was there. Her and her husband are great people and I still am lucky enough to keep in contact with them. Check out their Chicago sports collectibles shop.

And if you want to read the Press Release in full, just leave me a comment on the How to Write a Book of Blues Index Page and I’ll email the samples to you.

Social Media / SEO Copywriter Projects Through 2011

billy mays and anthony sullivan pitch it to the pros

Most of my work day is taken up by a day job. I am grateful to have it with times being what they are. I’m especially grateful for the fact it is 4 miles from my home. I can’t always post examples of what I’m doing at work. Sometimes I’m ghostwriting for a client. Sometimes we’re doing a big project that’s under wraps.

But to sum up my day: if I’m not putting new websites into the search engines I’m double checking Google Analytics for both corporate and client. That’s when I’m not doing SEO/blog projects for clients or product review blogging for clients. Then there’s writing for the corporate blog, giving blog updates when the company is at the conventions and trade shows, and last but not least, liveblogging events or shows.

There are basic SEO projects still to be finalized. I’m not much of a PHP programer, today, but I get to work with a great team of programmers when my projects are next on their task lists. Still a fair bit of work to do, but we’re still going. It could be worse….

“But what about the backlinking and article writing?” 🙂

Thank you for taking the time to peruse my samples and explanations. If you would like to know more what I am doing or see more writing samples, please leave me a comment on the How to Write a Book of Blues Index Page, include some contact info, and I’ll be certain to get back to you.

I hope we get to work together in the future.



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