Here are my trade priorities for lucky friends:

  1. Trade my shiny, non-wonder Groudon for a shiny, non-wonder Groudon.
    1. Traded with QueenAnectine. Now have a Shiny / Lucky / 91.1 Wonder Groudon. Thank you, Anectine.
  2. Trade my shiny, non-wonder Legendaries for the same – or excruciatingly similar shiny, non-wonder Legendary.
    1. I have 1 shiny, non-wonder Kyogre for trade
    2. O have 1 shiny, non-wonder Raikou for trade
    3. I have 1 shiny, non-wonder Cresselia I’d trade for a bag of chips, but am extra shiny, non-wonder Lugia (or similar legendary attacker) would be nice.
  3. Trade my non-wonder Mewtwos for non-wonder Mewtwos
    1. Shadow Ball preferred, but understandably unlikely
  4. Trade my non-wonder Groudons, Kyogres, Rayquazas, & Lugias for the same.
  5. Trade non-wonder Tyranitars for same.
    1. Shinies preferred
  6. Trade non-wonder shiny Salamences for same
    1. Shinies preferred
  7. Trade non-wonder Legendaries not mentioned above for the same
  8. Trade non-wonder Larvitars, Bagons, Beldums
    1. Shinies preferred
  9. Trade awesome Community Day catches for same
    1. Shinies preferred
  10. Trade shiny attackers for same
  11. Trade for one of the shinies I don’t have from species that were always around when I first played in Bay Area
    1. Ponyta / Rapidash
    2. Houndour / Houndoom 

Note: I’m on team Mystic. My “Wonders” are team Valor’s “Amazing” and Instinct’s “Battle with the Best.”

Reason for this order.

I like attackers.

For living in a rural area, the players up and down Tillamook Bay coordinate together and do a lot of raids. I like to work on making sure I am an asset and not a hindrance when we raid.

It’s the only way to build up weaker IV attackers.

Weaker Legendaries and other Pokémon have no other way to build up their capacity without doing lucky trades, which guarantees they get into the “Wonder” rating and have floors of 12/15 for all three area’s:

  • Attack
  • Defense
  • HP

Especially for attackers, one shouldn’t be in a raid with anything less, and that’s still setting a low, low standard.

I have an affinity for my Bay Area starters.

I got bored as Hell catching the same Pokémon over and over again. From my apartment I’d get Growlithes, Houndooms, Slugmas, Ekans, Snubbels, Spinaraks, and Rattatas, over and over and over and over and over again. I stopped catching them. But now that we moved from the tundra to a rain forest, from the heaviest of population densities to the lightest, from an apartment complex that houses more people than the village I now live in, I miss those pains in the ass that used to clog my screen.

I do have a couple of those Bay Area starter shinies:
  • Growlithe (evolved to Arcanine)
  • Houndour (evolved to Houndoom)

And, as always, you can try to make me an offer.

My priorities are likely to differ. I might have something I don’t find valuable, but you do, and vice versa. Let me know what you’re lookin’ for.

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