I had a good talk with my editor during lunch. Between bites of albino Velveeta heartbun tamales I pointed out to him that he’s become more than an editor to Books of Blues.

He’s become part of the story.

First off that means that I’ll have to share a higher percentage of profits of the 13 books I’ll, err, we’ll sell. But that also means he’s going to be sharing his thoughts on, “How to Publish a Book of Blues. Hopefully.”

Before this site involved social commentary, social media, music reviews, and research, it was – and is – an unfettered look into what it will take to finish and publish the damned things. I can’t do that alone anymore. It’ll only be right if you here his struggles as well. Not only regarding how many red pens a bottles of gin he’ll have to go through to shape my babblings, but the strugles we go through just to be able to find a few minutes of lucidity with which to work.

I’m scared sh****** as to how candid it will be, but if it helps us keep focused and at the same time show others how similar our struggles our to their own, then it’ll be worth it.

I’ll just have to remember not to take the criticism in the present tense. 🙂

Remind me to tell you about those frozen kiwi slices.

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