I’m finally on the way to Ft. Myers, Margaritaville.

It’s ten to 8 on a bright, frozen 8-degree morning. Perfect NFL weather, but not for riding a shuttle bus to Chicago Midway International Airport. Couple that with the fact the bus driver has us taking backroads through Gary to get to the next station… I often forget how close I really do live to Gary. If you’ve ever been to Valparaiso, IN, you’d understand the night-&-day-ness of my comparison.

The speaker above me keeps whining to the beat of my iPhone’s feedback.

The four other sleepy-eyed travelers on this voyage must be unaccustomed to that annoying, yet sweet sound. That audio garble really becomes music to an iPhone user’s ears.

Oh yeah, if you’re gonna run a shuttlebus service to major metropolitan airports, make sure your stations’ tarmacs are paved. Your customers’ aren’t paying to feel like they’re going in one of those WWII amphibious duckboat rides at Wisconsin Dells.

Previously rant aside – I had to be out I’d bed n rolling by 6:15am to get the day going.

I was up til 2:15 am writing work emails, giving my hair one final buzz n prepping the two iPod Shuffles I’ve gotten from work this week with Christmas music. I’m gonna slide one in my momma’s purse once she finally nods off.

I am running on 8 hours sleep for the last two days.

Pure adreniline at this point. I think I subconsciously did it on purpose so I wouldn’t relax until I get to the Mucky Duck in Captiva Island. It’s why I can’t sleep now.

Hope for the best, plan for the worst and always expect the unexpected because, as Sun Tsu said, “All warfare I’d based in deception,” and I’m going to stay in battle mode until I achieve total victory. That total victory is getting to Ft Myers, Margaritaville happy, healthy, and with my family.

This is why I keep a pocket-sized copy of “The Art of War” in my backpack.

Wow, this bus sure acts like a sail on interstate 94W on this artic windy morning. I’m gonna need lime (from a Margarita???) to fight the onset of scurvy during this voyage to the airport…

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