I didn’t want to do the 30-60-90 day #MyFitnessPal updates so much as only update when it was important. And from reading the last few entries of the Facebook support group I’m on, it was time.

So, here’s where I am, 208 days after I began, again.

So, where to begin, again. Again.

Summer: I eased off on MyFitnessPal during my wedding (June 20th)

The last thing I was going to do during a cross-country road trip with my bride and dogs was to fret over the snack offerings available at the only gas station we found in Lovelock, Nevada on a Sunday morning after a drive-to-sunrise the night before.

Add to the fact that our wedding was catered by Portillo’s and our rehearsal dinner was gourmet chicken & waffles paired with matching craft beers per course, and I’m surprised I didn’t delete MyFitnessPal all over again.

At that point, I just hoped I burned enough calories walking my mother up the processional line and my bride down it. And, while dancing, especially being swung around in chairs during the impromptu-Jewish-wedding-customs portion of the reception.

The batting cages helped burn a few as well.

Yeah, my wedding was a bit fun for everyone.

Then, you can’t drive the long way from San Francisco back to Chicago without driving back home. And we did, via Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, and Oregon, spending the 4th of July holiday on the Oregon Coast (“it’s a…family tradition“).

The cool part was that the months on MyFitnessPal made me more conscious of what I ate

So, yes, I didn’t restrict myself to what I ate, but I also didn’t go running for every bag of chips and chocolate bar I could find. Subway was our friend. Doublemint gum was helpful. Powdered-creamer was readily available for coffee. And we spent more days napping in the car than we did snacking.

Repetition was the key to success. Not only repetition during those moments, but the months of tracking on MyFitnessPal, leading up those moments helped me prepare.

Icing our necks was a great distraction.

My pain-in-the-neck was already throbbing, again. We were getting ready to leave Denver after dinner with friends and family. We got to the car when something popped in Katie’s neck. It was scary. We stayed at a hotel that night and rested for a half-day before risking our health up I-25 North towards Cheyenne. At that point, from a diet perspective, we spent most of the Colorado-to-Tillamook-Bay leg worrying about finding Doans, Aleve, and ice – especially when we stopped and waited out the 114-degree heat in Boise, ID.

Snacking was tucked behind our afterthoughts.

The practice with MyFitnessPal meant I didn’t gain that much weight when it was time to get back to the grind

I hit a low of 232 lbs. before my wedding. I’m about 236 lbs. right now. Maybe 235 lbs. – Tillamook-cheese-induced water retention notwithstanding. The workouts are coming along. First, I wore out my midsection working out too hard. Then, my shins were shot from chronic sandal use. I’ve thrown the sandals in the closet and finally, over the last three days, I can contract my feet and not cause chronic cramping. I’m starting to integrate water workouts at the pool to help keep my pressure of the legs in the meantime.

I’m starting to bring MyFitnessPal back into my everyday routine

I’ve been tracking the first two-and-a-half-meals-of-the-day – which is easy because my first two meals of the day are typically always the same.


  • 2 cage-free scrambled eggs
  • turkey sausage
  • banana
  • orange>
  • coffee
  • iced tea


  • Zen herbal salad mix
  • 4 oz. salmon – grilled on a Cuisinart
  • peeled baby carrots
  • sunflower seeds – half serving
  • honey mustard dressing
  • iced tea

Afternoon Snack

  • Clif Bar
  • Apple
  • Coffee

Where I’m failing is at dinner and daily workout.

I ended up not tracking it because either I go just over and don’t bother – because I didn’t work out, or my workout didn’t cover the quick-n-easy dinner.

What we’re doing to fix it

We pick the thin crust, light sauce, and vegetables if we order pizza. And skip the breadsticks.

I’m now doing a routine of walking the dogs, eating breakfast, emailing, working out, code tutorial, and THEN client work. I’m gonna make enough to eat, or not.

We split a meal at Baja Fresh.

We bought more dinner-food to cook. Using easy-to-make food that essentially cooks itself.

We keep snacks out of the house.

And we take it one day at a time.

I still fear the doctor’s appointment on Monday

I wasn’t strong enough in being dedicated to my diet. She’s a new doctor for me. She won’t care I’ve lost 25 lbs. She’ll care I still have 30 to go and will probably have to go on cholesterol meds till I get it done.

So long as that’s the worst of it. If so, then I’ll take it one day at a time and get there. I don’t have a choice.

Until the next update…

How are y’all doing?

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