“My Whole World Ended,” is the first solo album David Ruffin performed after he got fired from left The Temps. The album as a whole is one of those you can play over and over again, especially the back-half of the album, which sounds like the classic “B-sides” back side that’s stripped down (and, therefore, cheaper to produce). It’s actually my favorite part of the album. More Ruffin, less engineering.

Album ranks

It peaked on the Billboard charts at 31. It did top the Billboard R&B Albums charts.

Personal notes on “My Whole World Ended”

“My Whole World Ended” is highlighted by the single “My Whole World Ended (the Moment You Left Me),”. It’s the song which typifies his Temptations B-Sides sounds. I’ve probably contributed to 15% of its plays on Spotify.

Cheezy, but fun video to the single My Whole World Ended (the Moment You Left Me)

The 2nd couplet in “I Lost Everything I Ever Had,” will shock you upright, until you research and find that, no, his parents did not died trapped in a fire on the 14th floor. Probably. Though, knowing what I know of Ruffin’s background, I wouldn’t be surprised if he told Hitsville USA that’s what happened to them. Their songwriters loved using personal background details in songs to help the their artists identify with the content.

“My Whole World Ended” on Spotify

And, to me, this is the best cover of “Everlasting Love,” I’ve ever heard. Though, that doesn’t say much coming from me because I swear “Everlasting Love,” is contractually obligated to play every 105 minutes on oldies radio stations. I’m chronically burned out on it.

The hidden gem in My Whole World Ended is “I’ve Got To Find Myself a Brand New Baby.”

It’s the first song on this album that I’ve heard for the first time that had me clicking the “back” button to hear it again. More horns, less violins. You can hear the background singing ladies all-but subbing in for his old band. Most importantly, they toned down the background ambiance and let the groove and Ruffin’s rasp do the work.

A good groove and Ruffin’s rasp is all you ever need in a song.

The second hidden gem is “World of Darkness.”

I dunno if it’s the gospel choir in the background or what, but it’s always seemed that David Ruffin was at his best when you asked him to put his pain to tape. The deeper he goes, the brighter he shines. This is one of those sit back and let Ruffin let it out.

Just some drums, bass, some sitar-electric raindrop-smeared-by-a-saw-and-fiddle type sound that doesn’t get in the way (sounds like it’s string popping and a wa-wa), the choir, and David Ruffin. Magic.

Update 2016-09-26

I just heard this song in a four-song rotation while driving to and from UC Davis for their 2016 tailgate brewfest this weekend.


I was there volunteering for Temblor Brewing of Bakersfield, CA. Great times, Lahti. Great times.

The other songs I had in the rotation were:

  1. I Don’t Know Why by Stevie Wonder
  2. I’ve Got A Need For You . Ruffin – this album
  3. I’ve Got To Find Myself A Brand New Baby . Ruffin – this album

I found myself skipping World of Darkness. I dunno if it was because it didn’t fit the mood of the other three or if it was over-Motowned with happiness sounds to Tears-of-A-Clown a deeper message. ‘Seemed to be one of their calling cards to make their messages more palatable for domestic America.

Either way, I found myself wearing out on World of Darkness.

Skippable song: “Somebody Stole My Dream”

I know, it sounds cold to skip a song about someone losing a dream, but the song is just fucking generic. Don’t worry, you won’t miss it.

After many, many listens…

I still found myself going back to listen to the album a few days later. It really sounds like a lost Temptations album. As I go back through and fill my cup before finishing the first Book of Blues, this album is like finding an extra package of Peanut M&M’s in the bottom of the grocery bag.


Album Cover source: Amazon.in

Time for the next album.

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