Somewhere between the mystics there’s an old man that looks like Grandpa Jones with a beard longer than this sentence & he is laughing his ass off at me right now. Why? Because it’s 4:21am CST and I have to be at a client’s in a couple hours to test a new system that’s going live Tuesday night and that old bugger just threw the littlest of wrenches in it so we have to stay up and test.

There’s always Murphy…

“If it can go wrong, it will go wrong.

Or something like that. It’s now 4:23am and I really don’t care about specifics, aside from this project.

So we have to take a nap to get the rest of it sorted out and ready for the launch. Murphy’s throwing a fit, sipping on a jug of Mountain Dew and making fun of me because he knows the only thing I hate more that doing data entry is doing data entry on no sleep.

Them’s the breaks.

I think Murphy looks like Grandpa Jones.

The first time I heard of Murphy’s Law I read it on a picture calendar of Murphy’s Laws at Gag’s house when we were shorter than a moonshiner’s beard. Things stick with you that way.

And that law always sticks true.

It really doesn’t matter. The best plans…add Robert Burns poem here…no matter what, a deadline has this magical power that will soak all the energy and frustration it can out of a project. It’s a vain little trickster that wants all of its attention, as much of it as it can get and unless you’re the Winchester brothers, the trickster is going to get what it wants. It’ll get your sleep, your concentration, blood, sweat, tears…and it’ll steal a Gumballhead or two from the fridge and carry it off in one of your socks so when you wake up in the morning your dryer gets probed as you look for the sock.

Google best practices would say I’ve written enough to make this post relevant to my site.

So I can go to bed now.

Am I wrong about Murphy’s Law of Production?

Is it not a trickster that will f*** with even the best of plans?

I have to end this with a little Mountain Dew:

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