It’s nearing 5am. A little later than what I wanted but our first Project 03 case study – those who took a chance on the project – had an issue come up. We dropped everything to help them out. Fair is fair.

Instead of going to sleep after we got out of the office at 1am, I’m finishing watching Sons of Anarchy Season 4 while collaborating on a follow-up report, figuring out the master plan and messaging shenanigans to our project 03 web designer, Bicks.

Bicks has been a Godsend in Three Ways.

The First Godsend:

We had a choice between two designers on the project and our third collaborator told us to consider the other one. So we did. We got good work from him, albeit it a little slow. As our project work began to evolve, we found a greater need for design then what the first one could provide.

At the same time, I struck up a friendship with Bicks. She asked SEO questions. I asked design questions. Then we talked about Star Trek: The Next Generation. She was also there when I lost my Ray of Sunshine. Quite the friend when the friend indeed…

The Second Godsend:

One thing led to another and we asked Bicks if she had time to work on some Project 03 stuff. She was graduating college, about to embark on a 3-month cross country road trip. Somehow she said, “sure.”

The result?

We gave her project parameters and some notes and as of last night she’s been 3 for 3. Clients have loved her work. Including the biggest case study we’ve tested to date. She knocked it out of the park.

In fact, she’s messaging me shenanigans right now while working on her project w/ her partner. I hope Midnight Oil Endeavors turns into a cool little web design shop so she doesn’t need a real job when she moves from Chicago to LA. Ok, in her defense, Bicks is in the Oregon leg of her trip, doing web design on the patio of her hotel room that’s overlooking her hillside view of the Pacific Ocean. It’s only 3am for her.

The Third Godsend:

I had been struggling for a couple months getting my sleep schedule together. The Wolf is up till 4am often. Bicks is up till 4am (now 6am thanks to PST). I was trying to get up in the morning and stay up till the birds chirp. I’d been telling her about the issues I’d been having sleeping and she finally said,

“You know, if you try for a month to get up at 8am and it doesn’t work, try just getting up when you get up.”

And, though I get up closer to noon, I wake up fully rested for the first time in a long, long time.

I’ve become infinitely more productive. Which is great because now that Project 03 is starting to hit its stride, I need to go back and get Project 02 on track.

One day, we might actually announce all this work, but we want to get the last of the kinks ironed out.

One kink we don’t have – a custom graphic designer

Which I suppose is the Fourth Godsend Bicks has given us.

photo credit:  Bicks.

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