In the spirit of great Christmas traditions of yesteryear, the morning started out with a festive Christmas breakfast of omlets, crouissants, coffee cakes n fruit salads. I would have shared more if I had woken up and partken in the meal.

After a quick snacking catchup, I put on the holiday essentials and trekked out to the steet, aligning myself with a nation that had to plow itself out to get to their families for Christmas dinner. I would have taken a longer pause out of respect for my countrymen but someone hurled a big, white sphere at my head. I threw my glove up in time to catch it, and the sun-drenched activity began.

The activity concluded when lethargy overrode the thrill resulting in the bottom layers of siding at nearby homes being clanged by errant throws due to lackidazical attempts to catch said tosses.

Showering, napping, blogging, napping and, eventually, Christmas Dinner of prime rib which lead into a mere 6 hours of family poker with a complex economic system consisting of the following:

  • red tripoly chips = 100 Finn dollars
  • blue tripoly chips = 50 Finn dollars
  • snack size Nestle Crunch Bars = 500 Finn dollars
  • candy cane = 2,500 Finn dollars

After a few hundred hands, the room thinned out and left the opportunity for me and my cousin to catch up on the year. We picked an essential Christmas theme:

Talledega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

After a couple hours of researching, we decided to soak in the information and save the converstion for another evening.

A simple, festive, reflective Chrismas Day.

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