It starts with the fact that I’m horrible at getting out of bed. Anxiety, endtrails of depression, too many f*****’ alarms trying to get me up, and all I heads was the lightning and thunder. I lost 3 hours, 5 minutes at a time.

Then I got up and started to scramble to catch up.

Then I got an aggravating reminder from the past.

Then I had a text go unreturned regarding a project that’s marinating, waiting to go. Irritating – all that work is just sitting in stasis. (Update: 2 hours later the text was returned. Sittin’ in the meeting at 1am. Someone’s ears were burning. Man, I drank too much iced tea.)

Then I’m frustrated because The Summer of 210,000 Words is back running but I won’t be able to push it like I want for at least six months or I break it all over again – this time I won’t know if I can fix it. I mean I’m good, but I ain’t that good.

And Project 03 is going too fast.
Too fast.

But I remember when nothing was happening.

It’s like a bad day in Florida: better than a good day anywhere else.

Hold Me Accountable & summer of 210,000 words updates.

If I can get on the computer by 8am, I’ll update tomorrow

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