A quiet, unassuming spring night in April. The NFL draft is consuming traditional media like it’s the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, and around here, people are preparing for the now-Famous Dark Lord Day at Three Floyds Brewery.

Life is placid for a few days. It only means one thing: time to escape to Big Country’s Garage State Park up in Duneland. The best place to relax, unwind, and catch up with childhood friends. Well, at least the best place within a gas tank trip. And given the cars driven here, that’s at least all the way to the next gas station.

On this week’s installment of Country’s Garage, Gag Halfront is spraying the MOPAR 440 engine from his 1962 Plymouth Fury before he rebuilds it, again.

If this was filmed for TV, the next 6 hours of footage would be found on the cutting room floor, but this is when the fun begins.

No computers.
No wifi.
No worries.

Just childhood friends, a car to work on, and music.

The selection: “Riddles Are Abound Tonight” by Sausage w/ Les Claypool & Tim Alexander.


If things continue to go well, I feel this will be a very quiet summer. Why?

Because them other books of blues won’t write themselves. And I’m getting too old to leave them dreaming in my head.

I’m too afraid of becoming Like the song now playing above and behind me: Mr. Bojangles as done by Sammy. Love the simple, structured rhythm jazz guitar. Gibson hollow body if I had to guess.

Too bad I don’t dance that well.

Here’s to hoping the road stays smooth and nothing unforseen is too daunting – for a change.

And for those who were kind enough to express their thoughts on Facebook about my update last night: that post was actually a prayer. There was no other way that story should have played out. I fumbled into another truth and was grateful.

But I thank you, sis, for the concerns (and I’ll take better care of Hector).

Mr. Bojangles, dance.

(post title is from Mr. Bojangles by Jerry Jeff Walker)

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