I’m south of the lake along the pond, listening to a local jam band finish up their set. 4 songs in 20 minutes & no lyrics: the mark of a good band.

My buddy, Jelly, is enjoying sundown on the phone, chatting to his girlfriend who is across the river attending grad school at the University of Missouri. The pains of long distance relationships simplified by technology.

Jelly’s theme of the night, “roll with it.” It’s a theme I keep forgetting. I’m around the music all the time, but seldom do I heed its advice as much as when I started writing.

Instincts only get one so far. After that you have to train the body to perform the desired craft.

Or to appreciate it, all over again.

I should publish now. I think my other friend is coming up the road. She invited us. Wow, she’s in the music.

And banjo great Randal Saul is about to thrown down.

Shout out to the “pack”.

And “happy birthday,” Bugh.

– Finn

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