So, Daver came out about his weight issues and what he intends to do about it. That got me thinking:

Man, if I drag anymore on getting back on the dietary wagon to the point where he’s skinnier than me, I’ll never forgive myself.


Because I am that much smaller than him right now.

I left for Florida this year at 267 lbs. I’ve never been close to that weight before. I was still worn out from the time at the Old Agency. I went in there in 2006 at 229 lbs. Worse that that, the strength I had built up from working out and years at the boat was gone. I came back from Florida at about 249 lbs. and got to 238 lbs until the roof caved in on my summer of 210,000 plans.

No Better time than the present.

A couple months of crying, a little tending to the OldOld Man and a little work on some non-profits to re-educate, refocus & remind myself of what’s important and I’m getting that old skip back in my step.

The only thing I haven’t added back to the routine.

…is my workouts. No, not the hour walking or so I’m back to doing. I’m talking about the lifting and cardio I used to do during the boat days. Somehow 5 years have gone by.

I took a personal fitness training session last week.

…and about threw up during the sample sessions. Now, in my defense I did back-to-back 5 hour sleep nights and I went in without breakfast. But it kicked my a** and reminded me how far down the ladder I’ve fallen. I’m not in my 20s anymore.

I’ve got 6 weeks until I go to Florida. I don’t know where I’m at weight-wise but I’m going to go down there at 230 lbs and I’m coming back under 230 lbs.

As for Daver & Allyn…

Daver’s going to work on a program he’s found. I really hope he keeps going. We’ve been getting more and more competitive with each other as our careers evolve. And it’s healthy. Good to see it extends out to this as well. Him and my hero Allyn Hane are gonna do video and the like. And I will be rooting for him. I will be supporting. Daver’s goal is to get to 225 lbs. I’m guessing he’s got 70 lbs to lose (sorry, buddy, if I’m wrong).

As for Me…

I was at 220 lbs. at the end of basketball my Sophomore year in high school. I used the diet my mother used to drop from 210 lbs to 135 lbs. and by the end of the school year I was down to 190 lbs.

I was at 245 lbs. when I left Denom U. By the end of my first summer at the boat, I was down to 203 lbs.  I even played college ball at 183 lbs. and realized I was too light so I bulked up to 205 lbs. Needless to say I’ve been down this road before. But because I’m getting older now,  I’ll be a little more cautious.

I probably won’t lose as much weight. I’m probably 50 lbs lighter than him. I’ll weigh myself in the AM. I’m guessing I’m at 245 lbs. I want to see that in 90 days that I’m in shape, running a couple miles with ease and float around 210 lbs., but that’ll be contingent upon a few factors:

  • How much I get back into building muscle
  • How much lean muscle I build back up as I go
  • When I run – won’t run till I’m under 220 lbs. Won’t do that to my knees.

And if I’m at 220 lbs and I’m at a 34 waist again, I’ll probably just tone it up. I was never healthier, happier and quicker than when I was at the boat and 225 lbs. and benching 285 lbs. So my goals will be different. Hell, Daver and I might both be going for 225 lbs. But I’m getting their first. I don’t have as far to go. It’ll be embarrasing if I don’t get there. I should “win.”

But, then again, I want a quicker, lighter frame that’ll allow me to hike and climb and cross country run. I might go heavy tone, like the Omar Vizquell diet and maybe break 200 lbs. so there isn’t as much weight on my joints. I should focus on endurance more than strength at this point in my life.

But when I get there, wherever “there” is.

I’m going to turn around and cheer him on. And if he gets to the finish line first, he better sure as Hell do the same to me.

My strategy:

  • When I Can’t Get to the Gym, I’ll at least get in an hour walk
  • Instead of snacking, chew on toothpicks
  • Get in 3 square meals
  • Avoid Pop like the plague; get addicted to iced tea
  • If I have a beer, have an iced tea or water to go with it
  • Avoid cheese
  • Keep up with vitamins
  • Keep calories under 2,000 a day
  • Get GREAT sleep

Most important aspect #2:  KEEP MOVING.

My family falls into depression when we aren’t moving (which is paradoxical when most of the day is spent staring at a little black box). There’s a reason why one cousin is a marathoner, an aunt trains marathoners for non-profits, the oldold man bikes 8 miles a day and my other aunt gave me the p90X. It’s also why our metabolism is “efficient” (not slow).  Keep on keepin’ in.

Most important aspect #1:  Fall in love with the gym, again.

I used to be a gym rat.  Time to go remember why.

So, Daver…

Are we doing a wager?

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