I forgot I’m still a little fragile, not out of the woods that’s really wasn’t a play-on-words. I’ve been running lately as if the Summer of 210,000 Words Woes were a figment. It only takes a moment to relive them.

Old instincts came up.

I was having an important phone call today. We coordinated with folks from 1,000 miles away and we only had a few minutes. The phone call was a blur and part of me is still catching up to it. I was excited for the end result but at the end I was at a crossroads. I went instinctively went back through my business-decision making process to sort things out quickly. The problem was that I forgot that the process has changed and my body hadn’t adapted. Because of it, I stumbled over the vacancy that still remains.

It stopped me in my tracks.

Some days are good. Some days are bad.

And the good outweighs the bad more often than not but there are still holes that need to be filled in with signposts and reminders; for me to remember and for those who might want to trace their way back. But I’m used to the momentum life is going in and I’m finding myself smiling more.

As Zac Brown once sang,

“And you get what you give…”

“…Sometimes It’s just noise.”

I love my Martin guitar as much as he loves his. I thank God she (Ashley, my Martin OOOM Auditorium Guitar) and my friends who are around stayed around. I wasn’t much fun for awhile.

But I’m enjoying the new sounds we’re making.

Hold Me Accountable Things I Did Right:

Breakfast: 2 eggs. 2 slices of turkey sausage patty (new addiction). 2 slices of toast, wheat w/ jam, strawberry.
Iced Tea: 3
Water: 2 glasses
Lunch: nothing
Snack: banana, handful of baked chips, raisins, peanuts.
Dinner: mama’s chili. Grilled Burger w/ ketchup, mustard & pickle
Snack: popcorn w/out butter, lightly salted

Hold Me Accountable Things I Did Not As Right:

Dinner: dessert – pumpkin pie w/ a half-scoop of vanilla ice cream
Pop: 22 oz.
Cardio: 0

I’ve Got to get over my anxiety of being the fat kid in the gym and just muddle through.

The good news is…

…that I can at least listen to the Zac Brown Band again. It sounded wonderful last weekend when we were backroad riding in my GT up in Duneland. It’s becoming and old friend. Good, because I’m about to go through Georgia a couple times and would like to hear it in the car s’more.

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