Once upon a time, I worked to play guitar with the thoughts that I’d play guitar for work – well, I’d write about playing guitar for work. I played with friends that I stumbled upon along the way. Some kept with it; some went away.

And then a funny thing happened: I went away.

When I left the inspiring whirlwind we called, “the boat,” in order to establish a career and free up nights, I never thought that I’d become so consumed by the day job that I’d forget why I believed the night time was truly the right time.

I stopped that today.

I’m giving myself 30 days to get my fingers back into shape enough to play respectably poor with my buddy who’s featured in the video above. Once upon a time, I taught him tricks. Now, I’ll have to scrape to catch up to him. In fact, he’s being such a great influence that he’s moreorless said he won’t hang out again unless it involves playing guitar. It’s bloody brilliant. I can’t thank him enough.

Yes, I’m using books and drills. I’m setting aside time everyday. In fact, I’m using one 30-day drill book just to get my fingers moving.


Because in the first day, I’m already beginning to feel like me all over again. More rounded out, so to speak.

The Other Reason

Because this chair to the right is more like the one I want to do my life’s work in, not an office chair.

I can’t write if I don’t live. I can’t live unless I do what I love at least a little bit each day.

And I think that’s a maxim everyone can rally around.

Wish me luck.

Photo Credit: Bogdanz via Flickr

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