The moderators of Pokemon Go Tillamook’s Facebook page and Discord chat group have successfully scrambled up quite the scrumptious contest for 2018 Community Day: Beldum. There will be 4 main prizes and 2 Grand Mystery Prizes.

Here’s how the Community Day: Beldum contest will work. Probably.

We will give out 1 main prize for each of the following:

  • Largest Beldum
  • Smallest Beldum
  • Tallest Beldum
  • Shortest Beldum

Each winner will receive, in trade from the prize donators, a Kangaskan regional Pokemon!

my kangaskan
No, Kenny. This is my Kanga.
In fact, this is a lucky Kangaskan, which means it’s already been traded once. But, fear not. We’ve got many, many others.

“But I already have a Kangaskan.”

For those who already have a Kangaskan and don’t want another, the prize donators will be willing to trade you another Gen 3 or earlier regional. Point is, if you’re missing regionals, we’ll get one for you. Hopefully.

You can submit up to 4 entries for the main prizes, one for each prize.

We need your largest, smallest, tallest, and smallest Beldum. We don’t need your 3 smallest Beldums. 1 will do.

You can only win 1 main prize.

We’re trying to make sure as many folks can win as possible so we can get regionals out to players who don’t normally have access to them.

So long as you submitted at least eligible 1 entry, you are eligible to win both the Main Prizes and the Grand Mystery Prizes.

All it takes is 1 entry to get you in for all the prizes. But, you have to enter. No saying something like, “But I played in KPR. I’ve got friends who’d vouch for me.” If we don’t have a pic from your account, you don’t get in.

The Mystery Grand Prizes will consist of 2 drawings from the names of all players who entered.

1 winner per drawing.

Each contestant can only win 1 Grand Mystery Prize.

Just because you submitted the max 4 pics for the Main Prize contest doesn’t mean you get 4 entries to the Grand Mystery Prizes. Each player who enters any eligible entry into this contest gets 1 chance.

The Mystery Prize will remain a Mystery Prize until all entries are submitted.

They’re just too damned cool to talk about till Community Day: Beldum is over. Seriously. We don’t want to be stepping over dropped jaws while hunting Beldums. There aren’t enough full-time dentists out here to deal with that.

How to Enter the Community Day: Beldum contest.

1. You must submit your entries via the Pokemon Go Tillamook Discord Chat group.

We’re not looking for them all over the web. One spot. It’s Discord.

“Discord? Really? I can’t post them to Facebook?”

Sure. You can post them to Facebook. We’ll even share them for you. But they won’t count as contest entries till you post them to Discord.

“Sounds like a dirty trick to get us all onto Discord.”

Well, “dirty trick” is a stretch, but, yes, we’re funneling you into the chat group used by most the Pokemon Go players in the world, including all the major chat groups in Oregon, Washington, and California. If that makes us dirty, then we’ll refuse soap.

“You promise we’ll get regionals if we win?”

Yes, Virginia.

“And the Mystery Prize is cooler than the main prize, which is a Kangaskan or Gen III or earlier regional?”

Yes, Virginia.

“Fine. How do I join your stupid Discord Group.”

To join OUR Discord group:

  1. Download Discord App on your phone
  2. Set up an Account
  3. Click this link to join

“But how do you…”

Discord has a pretty good primer web page called called, “Getting Started.” Click and read and smash buttons.

  1. Start at Step 4. Basic User Setup
  2. Skip over Steps 1 & 2 where it talks about setting up a server. You don’t need to. We already did that when we set up the group chat.
  3. Skip over Step 3, the video chat stuff because we’re not playing Call of Duty on XBox One.
  4. One more time for the people in the back, Start at Step 4. It’ll start quickly teaching you all need to do in Pokemon Go. Before you know it, it’ll be as second nature to you as any text messaging / Facebook Messenger / Google Hangout / AOL Instant Messenger app you’ve ever used.

2. Submit pictures in the Pokemon Go Tillamook Group Discord Group at Events > #2018-beldum-contest channel.

Put them all in one spot. If it ain’t in the #2018-beldum-contest location, we’re not counting it.

3. Post them so we can see the size, height, and location.

Don’t worry if you crop the top. We don’t need to see the CP level. Just its

  • Weight
  • Height
  • Evolution Step
  • Acquisition details

If we can’t see these all, we’ll have to reject it because we won’t be able to verify the details.

Try this Beldum entry example.

2018 community day beldum reject
Take this Beldum entry for example. We would reject this entry. Can you see why?

4. Your entries must be uploaded by 11:59:59 pm, Monday, October 22nd, 2018.

That gives you 33 hours, 59 minutes, and 59 seconds from the time Community Day: Beldum ends to go through them all to find your tallest, smallest, heaviest, and lightest beldum.

5. The Beldum must have been caught on October 21st, 2018 in Tillamook County, Oregon.

No hatches. No Trades. No second helpings. No mulligans.

“But the game isn’t showing where I caught my Beldum, but you saw me at Garibaldi Marina. We almost ran into each other at the boat launch.”

We’ll count them. Maybe. Probably. Most likely. We’re looking into what the Hell’s going on with that.

And, no spoofing. Catch it organically.

Unless there are special circumstances that make it physically impossible for you to be out with people so you spoof just to be able to play. Don’t worry. We don’t tell Niantic. We can only be so many kinds of assholes at a time.

6. You don’t have to be a group member to participate, but your catch will have to be from here.

Friends. Family. Tourists. Passers-by & Travelers. Time Lords. We accept all kinds, except bullies. They suck.

7. The Chat Moderators will not be eligible to win.

Sorry, Nappa.

8. Give us till the following weekend to sort out the winners.

Some of us have a lot of family and work going on so we’ll have to coordinate schedules to get the chat moderators in the same room to sort out the winners.

Most important: Have fun. Be supportive. Help each other kick ass.

On behalf of the chat moderators, I’d like to say that Pokemon Go is a fun game fun to us. We’re not sponsored by Niantic. We’re volunteers, looking to have fun with as many people as possible. So, if we have fun, then it’s worth it to us.

So, damnit. Go have fun! Enjoy an incredible time along the Oregon Coast. We’re playing outdoors in a paradise-on-earth. Live it up.

Hope to see y’all out there this Sunday.

Image Sources: Featured Image – Niantic. Game Images – Niantic. Try not to scrape them and make T-shirts.

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