Another 13-hour work day in a line of 13-hour work days that won’t slow down for another year or two. WordPress setups, Joomla QC, copywriting teaching, project managing & another 1,800 words of writing and I barely dented the task list. That’s not even figuring that my task list is as thin as it is so it looks like it’s sitting in the shadow of manageable.

7 TV shows, a movie, and 3 Ray Lamontagne albums helped the medicine go down.

Katie tried to cheer me up with smiles & foot rubs. It took persistence and tickling and 20 minutes to exhale after the disgrace of the IU / Minnesota game for me to finally crack a smile. It’s hard when you’re still bonded with a team that gets so bored of winning that they have a tendency to shut down at the 2nd-half under-8 minute timeout. It’s the ugliest 24-4 record I’ve seen. #1 ranking be damned.

I mean it will take another 8 months of 13-hour days to come close to the effort The Wolf has put into BakedFinn. My room for talk is small. But my dreams aren’t in computer & marketing. They’re in writing and music and family. It used to be in sports, but my legs don’t spring up and bounce back like the did in high school. I would give anything to be able to play like that again, and to watch those kids take a games for granted saddens me.

Then again, I would have taken a few moments for granted too at that age.

This is why I don’t follow sports like I used to. I try to, instead, focus on the dreams.

They get to play their dreams in that moment.

And getting to a place where I get to work on my dreams seems like it’s forever away. Too far away. I can’t see the end point. Don’t get my wrong, I do enjoy the journey, but I’m ready to work on my passions again. I fear I might never get to.

Katie and I were Tumblin’ tonight.

Looking at inspirational quotes and photography. Daydreaming as we call it while we look for things which will accentuate our world while we decompress for the day. Unfortunately, she’s been asleep two hours and I’m scrambling up a post to keep consistent. I needed things to talk about.

So I started rollin’ and tumblin’.

And came across the inspiration that titled this post. It’s an Instagram picture taken by a lady I’ll probably never meet. It looks like she might have got the quote from this Twitter account:

I probably wont get to thank either of them but their simple phrase reminded me of the only things that are important to me.

As for tomorrow…

I’ll keep scraping away at the mine wall until we strike something that doesn’t sound like coal. Here’s to hoping it isn’t a sewer main.

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