As Project 03 re-teaches me all the things I used to know about commitment, integrity and work ethic, I find myself going back through all the list of things I said I’d do. My bucket list for 2012 as you will. More than getting my career to a point where I can travel and research for books of blues at the same time, but all the little things I said I do.

1) Finish Promised Music & App Reviews

Over the next few days I’ll be writing all the reviews I said I’d do for people – mostly the Ray of Sunshine. Call it closure. I also have a couple social media apps to do that I said I would awhile ago and now that the running around and baptismals by fire are starting to come to fall fruition, I’m finally getting time to catch up.

And an Digital Marketer who gets away from blogging is…well, maybe just cares about writing that much. Yeah, that’s my excuse.

2) Regaining Quasi-Fluency in Spanish.

Back in 2009 I said I’d go back and watch my Movies in Spanish. ‘Glad I wrote it down to remind myself because now I’m finally at a place and stress level that’ll allow me to do it.
The first place I’m starting is my favorite TV shows and movies. It’s more exciting than watching things I only half care about to pass the time. If I treat the TV like books on tape, then I might as well fully enjoy the story. To paraphrase the Ray, life is to short to waste on bad TV. And for those ones I rent that turn out to be bad, I think I’ll watch the again in Spanish. In fact, I think I’ll do that with all the movies I rent.

I want to be fluent in Spanish by the time Spring ’13 comes around. The Books of Blues spend a lot of time in Spanish Speaking areas. It’s amazing how the skill faded from lack of use.

I’m starting with the Harry Potter movies. Though picking British English translated into Spanish might not have been the smartest thing I’ve ever done, but it’s been a trip so far.

Once I go through a fair amount of movies and TV shows I’ll start listening to more Spanish / Latin music. My favorites are Rodrigo y Gabriella & Andres Segovia but they won’t help because they only do instrumentals. I don’t want to stereotype and say I’ll start with Los Lobos, but I’m gonna have to do some research. It aught to be an adventure.

3) Going Full Speed in Workouts.

It’s taken a few months of false starts and 5 years of bad eating, but I believe I’m at a point where I can go full speed with all the weights and aerobic workouts like I used to do before the internet marketing ‘thang began. I’m not breathing as weary. I don’t feel nearly as worn out and I can go for more than just a good sweat. It’ll be what I need to get rid of the last 25 lbs and get back to 215 lbs.

4) Enjoy Each and Every Day.

I’m getting better at Entering Zen to start my days and realizing that it’s okay to be conscious of the choices I make. It doesn’t feel so dorky, as if I’m not important enough to make those decisions or feel guilty accepting the joy that came with those decisions.

For some people it might not be a decision. But for me it is. Maybe that’s a blessing. The difference between a blessing and a curse is the grace by which one handles the results, right?

Time to Get Back to Project 03.

Checklists and blogging to do.

Is there more I need to add to my checklist?

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