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If I Had But 2 Minutes to Tell You About Search Engine Marketing

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(Quit checking her out! I’m on the clock here)

If I had 2 minutes to sell you on Search Engine Marketing:

1) I would play the 90-second video from the Google Adwords home page – Google’s Pay Per Click Sponsored Search Engine Marketing Platform

and with the remaining 20 seconds I would:

2) then I would send you to the Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide and tell you to read it when on your own. (Google “SEO”, click on the Google Webmaster link, then click on the link in the box towards the top of the Google Webmaster page).

3) Reference you to the post I wrote on Golden Tech’s Internet Marketing / Web Design Blog discussing PPC Marketing

And there would still be time left over for you to by me a Gumballhead :-)

And our working relationship would be off to a tantalizing start.

How would you sell Search Engine Marketing in Two minutes or less?

(Photo Credit:  Tattoed Yarn via Flickr)

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